Syprian Syeunda

Graduated with a Masters in Food Science.

Completed in record time and appeared in Vice Chancellor’s roll of honor.

Personal Testimonial: “Being a CESAAM fellow was one of the most rewarding and exciting seasons as a food scientist. It was a humbling experience and I was greatly honoured to interact with diverse cultures, participate in multifaceted conferences, eye-opener exhibitions and edifying agricultural events. Not only did they arouse further my unrelenting hunger for academic success, but also energized, and gave me an impetus to challenge and develop myself as a strategic leader, an innovative food scientist, collaborator, mentor and above all the value of giving back to the community.”

Isaiah Aleri

Graduated with an MSc Plant Breeding and Genetics.

Completed in record time and appeared in Vice Chancellor’s roll of honor.

Personal testimonial: “I am indebted to CESAAM for their persistent support and guidance during my study period. Being a CESAAM fellow at Egerton University laid a divine platform, mentorship and urge to develop into an upcoming breeder with the opportunity to interact with diverse audiences during academic conferences and workshops. The academic success achieved is a stepping-stone to grooming myself into a scientist aligned to contributing to knowledge and sharing technical information that enhances the agricultural success within communities.”

Albert Francis

Graduated with MSc Livestock Production Systems.

Personal testimonial: “Being a student at Egerton University I acquired the knowledge which will help in dissemination of relevant agricultural knowledge and skills to smallholder farmers in East African Countries and Africa at large hence enhancing product diversity and post-harvest towards ensuring income, food and nutrition security. I thank Africa Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness Management (CESAAM) at Egerton University (Kenya), for sponsoring my MSc studies which strengths my capacity in fighting food insecurity and poverty challenges to Africa’s development. I recommend further sponsoring of students because with the economic statues of the African communities without such sponsorship is not possible for many to develop their academic carrier.”

Isabelle Beatrice Mukandungutse

Graduated with MSc Animal Nutrition.

Isabelle, a Rwandan National, excelled in her academic work against all odds. She is the first female student under CESAAM Sponsorship to complete and graduate in record time.

Personal testimonial:I am proud to say that CESAAM has provided wonderful support in shaping my career as an Animal Scientist, Researcher and role model for women scientists.”

Chesang Sumukwo

Program: MSc Livestock Production Systems.

Personal Testimonial: “As a first cohort of CESAAM fellows, I have built and learnt a wealth of experience while at Egerton University. Through this, I have interacted with diverse cultures via studies, conferences and exhibitions that have shaped my post-graduate journey for academic attainment as a Livestock Systems Specialist.”

Maurice Ikaal

Program: MSc Animal Breeding and Genetics.

Personal testimonial: “CESAAM fellowship has been pivotal in its career support and development, cementing my status as an animal geneticist. I am very grateful for having an opportunity to be part of this awesome family. This has provided me with an opportunity to interact with many talented and inspiring researchers not only from Egerton University but also regionally. I can confidently attest the commitment of CESAAM in nurturing talents to address Africans food insecurity, sustainability and poverty. May almighty God bless CESAAM and Egerton University.”

Boniface Sakwa

Program: MSc Animal Nutrition.

Personal testimonial: “The most interesting moment of my academic life has been under CESAAM program in Egerton University. As an animal nutritionist, I gained a lot of experience through conferences, short course programs, and exhibitions facilitated by CESAAM. This offered me opportunity to interact and share a lot of knowledge with my fellow students, researchers, and professors from different countries within Africa. My capacity in research and publication has been boosted by CESAAM and this will enhance my career in livestock production. I am motivated and challenged to become an innovative animal nutritionist and an essential person in the community in curbing food insecurity through improving livestock productivity. I am very thankful to God, CESAAM administration and Egerton University for all the support given to me during my master’s degree program in Animal Nutrition.”

Reagan Lewis

Program: MSc Livestock Production Systems

Personal testimonial: “I thank CESAAM for the opportunity I got to study LPS at Egerton University, a premium university in agriculture and relat ed disciplines. Coming from South Sudan, this noble chance presented me with a golden chance to make a difference back in my country where I will continue with active research to improve the lives of our people. I will forever remain indebted to the World Bank and the Kenyan Government for offering support to establish this centre of excellence.”

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