The World Bank Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness Management ( invites interested applicants for consideration into being ‘CESAAM STUDENTS’ but who are self-sponsored. The Centre would like to consider other students for benefits that DO NOT include any form of scholarship.

Benefits: Internship Opportunities, Exchange Programs (both local, regional and international), Participating in Farmer Agribusiness Clinics, Participating in Farmer Field day programs, unlimited access to CESAAM resources set for students; among others.

Conditions: Applicant should be ready and willing to pay university fees (tuition) into a CESAAM Account after which the money will be transferred by the Centre to the main university fees account. The applicant should NOT be a beneficiary of any other scholarship and must be of 2017 cohort.

How to apply: Submit your letters of application, latest certificate, letter of admission and CV in hard copy to CESAAM office in FASS Block A 2nd floor not later than 22/02/2018.

There are few chances available and only successful students will be contacted.

Download application form

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