The Center of Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness Management (CESAAM) students at Egerton University had an opportunity to be welcomed by the team from the VC’s office led by the vice chancellor Prof. Rose Mwonya. The team consisted of the Vice Chancellor, DVC Planning, & Development, acting DVC Research & Development, and the Acting Director Research.

This meeting was organized by the CESAAM team to enable the administration welcome the CESAAM sponsored students into the University. In attendance, were the administrators, students’ supervisors, CESAAM team, and CESAAM sponsored students.

Waves of inspiration and encouragement swept through the room in this session. Students were reminded of why they were at Egerton University and the need to make it in an excellent manner and let the center reflect in the students when they go back to the various communities. Further still, the students were urged to work hard and smart since time is limited and so are other resources. When the focus seems to be diverting ‘still remember where you have come from,’ said Prof Alfred Kiboya. This will enable you refocus and work hard, he added.

The vice chancellor in her speech said that one can only achieve what they want through hard work. She also urged all the students to work hard and uphold the high academic standards at Egerton University. In her speech, she urged the students to “do what you are going to do better than you found it” said Prof. Rose Mwoya. She further gave an overview of her own academic journey and told the students that no one should have excuses especially the ladies whom she inspired that they can still work hard and excel despite the challenges. This is because despite the family roles and responsibilities carried by women they still must succeed academically.

In her closing statement, the vice chancellor urged all students to, “set good goals, exploit them, and look forward to making sure you achieve them by exploiting your potential.”