World Environment Day

Each year in May, the world marks its World Environment Day (WED). Egerton University, being at the core of environmental conservation, climate start agriculture and climate smart agriculture, hosted the national WED celebrations. In attendance was the Cabinet Secretary in charge of the Ministry of Environment, Prof Judy Wakhungu. CESAAM played a critical role in the planning and representation of the Faculty of Agriculture in the exhibitions that also took place. Present under CESAAM were MSc Agri-enterprise Development Student Enterprises, student enterprises from the department of Dairy Food Science and Technology and the Agro-Science Park also made am mark during the exhibitions marking the W.E.D.

Evident during this celebration was the fact that institutions of higher learning have to take a lead role in conserving the environment; since it is from the environment that we get all the food we eat. Further to that, the role of innovative enterprise development was also underscored during the meeting where the role of young people in innovating alternative packaging material to be used instead of polythene bags, which have since been banned in Kenya, was highlighted. The pictures below show representatives from CESAAM who exhibited.

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